Monday, January 17, 2011


Received word on my blood work from 2 Friday's ago ::drum roll:: I AM NOT DIABETIC!!!! What a huge relief. To be honest there is nothing other than luck involved here. The last year (really 36 of them) have been filled with pure gluttony. All about that instant gratification and no thought about the damage being done. Sure, I would occasionally give it a thought ... then quickly put it out of my mind as I rummaged through the freeze for more Blue Bell Cookie Dough ice cream. Damn, that shit is good. I digress.

As of late I have had this nagging concern that something is seriously wrong. Finally I got my shit together and made an appointment to run a full blood panel. I hate the doctor (but I love my prescription for Xanax) and generally avoid going. Okay, I actually don't hate going to the doctor, I hate those evil scales. There was no exception this past week. I had gained about 20 pounds since April..yikes. Anyway ... blood work drawn ... and the waiting began.

The snow/ice storm delayed the results for a few days ... but today was the day. My cholesterol is high, 226. My good cholesterol was in the good range ... my bad was 151. My understanding is that it should be more in the neighborhood of 135ish. Something to work on! Thyroid is a-okay...and by some miracle I have always had normal blood pressure. Oh, have I mentioned I AM NOT DIABETIC??

This is my last chance people ... my last chance to really fix this insanity I have been living. I need to take care of myself for once and stop acting like I do not matter.

Oh, random other interesting events of the day...I had the first hint of a menstrual cycle. TMI? Sorry...but this is the first cycle I have had in 5 years? I haven't had a cycle with any regularity since the age of 15. Long story (PCOS) but this is a good thing. Feeling like a 13 yr old "what the hell am I supposed to do?" but I managed. Yay for actually feeling like a girl.

That is all for now ..


Ally said...

WOW This is GREAT news! All around! :)

I stress like that at the Dr too.

Allison S. said...

Thanks Ally! Yes, I am beyond happy and feel like I have a glimmer of hope to turn it around so I am never sweating this again.