Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Monthiversary!

Hi all...I know I haven't been posting daily, but one day runs into the other.  So far all is well, staying on program. Yay!  My days are a routine, and that is actually a good thing for me.  This month has been very good.  Not only have I eaten well and stayed accountable, but I have valued myself and my health.  Probably something most people do or take for granted, but for me, it is a big step.  

The food and cooking issue has been tackled.  Next is moving my ass!  Time to get physical (sorry for the song reference and the fact it is running through your head).  Surely there is a solution for my fickle knee...a friend suggested an old school Ace bandage.  Perhaps that is the answer.  I need something to keep my knee stabilized so that it does not try and slip out of place while I do simple things ... like walking though the grocery store!  I have tried several things, but being super short (and not thin) makes fitting a knee brace more difficult.

This week I will start walking, again.  The weather has been mild enough recently to take a little walk outside during a break at work. The key for me is to start small.  I have this bad habit of trying too hard, hurting myself, and then giving up. 

After a month I am down a total of 10.5 pounds!  Feeling SOOO much better.  No more fatigue. Even the stairs in my home seem easier to navigate.  For a while I thought my boyfriend was going to need to defibrillate me at the top (is that a word? :)


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