Saturday, January 8, 2011

Finishing out week 1

Finishing out the week ... doing very well! To be honest, I have really enjoyed following the new PointsPlus plan with Weight Watchers this week. My only complaint (and its a silly one) is that I find it hard to eat all the points! With the new plan I get about 6 more points than in the past. It feels like a lot! I have not had any issues this week with feeling deprived or hungry. What is amazing is that I have managed to avoid any empty calories or just plain sugary snacks! Very proud of that ... because even sugary snacks can be part of the WW plan...I just want them out of my life! Most evenings my sweet treat has been a vita-top. They are 3 points...and a quality 3 points! Just sweet enough to be yummy but I don't have the regret and shame that I would feel after downing a nice slice of cake with ice cream. Yay for me!

I've also had more fruits this week...not really hitting it with the veggies yet. Next week, time to work on the veggies.

Tonight I made a nice chili. I used ground chicken ... yum! I'd never cooked with ground chicken breast and it was delicious. I did not miss beef AT ALL! The texture is what meat should be, and something I missed when cooking with vegetarian soy crumbles. When I have chili, I feel that I need a starch. Generally I would do pasta. Another one of my goals is to ween myself off the pasta when possible. Tonight I had my chili of some brown rice! So darn good and perfect for winter.

Speaking of winter ... there is a storm headed this way. According to the news Atlanta my see "historic snowfall" along with some icing. This event is to start on Sunday night and really kick into gear Monday morning. With the ice comes loss of power. I've spent days stuck in my home with ice and now isn't always fun :) Naturally there is the issue of food. I have electric stove, so no way to warm food if we lose power. I really hope it isn't a problem but I am ready if it is!

Anyway ... that is all for now. Looking forward to weighing in tomorrow. Not expecting a stunning Biggest Loser type loss, but a nice respectable (non-water weight) 2-3 lbs would be nice! I will accept anything I can get, especially when I am not working out.

Oh, as a health update. I did go to the doctor yesterday. Not much yet, just some blood work. My Dr and I are both in agreement that I am "pushing my luck" with serious health repercussions of being morbidly obese. Fairly sure that the blood work will show that my lucky streak has ended, but at least I will know what I am dealing with! Time to unbury my head from the sand and taking care of myself.


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Kelly! said...

1. yay for trying new recipes and following your plan!!
2. I'm excited for you to weight in because it sounds like youve done an amazing job this weekend so let us know how it goes!
3. i have a phobia of doctors so i find it so inspiring that you are consulting with one about health problems but i will be thinking of you and hoping all goes well <3
4. i dont know if you watch the show "pretty little liars" but i do and when you signed your name "-a" it reminded me of it and made my laugh! if you don't watch the show, i'm sorry you have no idea what i'm talking about!
anywho, goodluck on the weigh in! :)