Monday, January 3, 2011

HMR and Weight Watchers

Hey All,

I know I get a lot of visitors that are following the HMR program exclusively. I really liked that program and it was successful for me while I was following it.  I also love the idea of Weight Watchers.  At the end of the day I sat down and realized that it is all a similar path to the same goal.  Calories in and calories out.  WW counts points, HMR and other programs use meal replacements to control the calories coming in.  After many times back and forth I have decided that for me using HMR shakes and bars are a great way for me to control the calories/points in the context of Weight Watchers as a larger program.  When I was doing HMR I would typically have 6 shakes a day ( 660 calories), 2 entrees (450-500 calories) and a bar (160 calories).  The total of that intake very close to my point equivalent per day with Weight Watchers.  

If you are following HMR, feel free to say hi!  You will find tools and information that I have gathered about the program and I certainly have a lot of knowledge to offer...especially if you are doing it home. 

Today, I had 2 HMR shakes for snack between my light breakfast and late lunch.  For those of you not familiar with the shakes, one shake is 110 calories/1.5 g fat/ 13 carbs (1 of which is fiber)/ 14 grams of PROTEIN!!!  I use a lactose free shake and typically double them up.  I generally drink chocolate...and I really like them.  What is nice about the shakes is that I can convert them into a chocolate pudding.  One shake is 3 pts, 2 shakes is actually only 5 points. They are very filling.

Just wanted to share!  You can check out my links on HMR and where I buy my shakes online.  No need to join anything...its all just online order and shipping. 

Good luck to all with your chosen paths!  Hope to see you around the blog soon :)


Kelly! said...

hey!! what is hmr and where can i get these shakes!

Allison S. said...

Hi Kelly,

HMR is a liquid type diet that uses meal replacements (shakes, boxed meals) and no fat added fruits/veggies. One version of the program is medically supervised (because its a very low calorie diet) and there is a slightly less restrictive version you can do at home.

I order the shakes from

I did this several years ago with my doctor. I still buy the sakes and bars (i really like them) and use them as meal replacements. Not something you can have forever, but when I am at work or need a dessert at home, its a quick and high protein/low calorie/yummy way for me to eat!


Danielle gensler said...


I have been off and on HMR for years. However, I am a little concerned with the soy and some of the ingredients in the shakes as well as the meals. However, I am addicted to the darn shakes. What are your thoughts on that?Thanks!

Mar Preston said...

How many weight watcher points do you estimate for one shake?

Mar Preston said...

I figured it out. Weight Watchers has a Points Calculator I never saw before.

The website is superb.

Anonymous said...

HMR program is a scam!

No one needs a doctor, nurse and $2000 for 3 months to lose weight. Our and simple.

Kmuse said...

Thanks for your post. I am having side effects from the low calorie diet of metafast so I was going to switch to weight watchers and was wondering the points on the last of my bars and shakes.

Unknown said...

I needed the doctor and nurse. My medications had to be adjusted almost every week while I was coming off of them. Not everybody needs to go that route, but some of us do need medical supervision.

I lost my first hundred pounds in 6 months on the HMR plan. I never felt better. In total I lost over 200 pounds. I was able to keep it off in their maintenance program. There's no longer in HMR system in our area so I'm switching over to Weight Watchers for my maintenance program. In short, HMR is not a scam.