Thursday, January 20, 2011


Loving this "new diet" honeymoon period! This has been a great few weeks and I am feeling hopeful about the next 3 weeks. I know, everyone stays on their New Year's diet for the first month...I plan on making mine a New Decade diet...longer lasting, right?

Starting to think about my next vacation. My BF and I are headed to Palm Springs the 3rd week of February. Why Palm Springs? It's Modernism Week! Should be a fun week of shopping, architecture, and retro 50's goodness. Probably a nerdy reason to go as most people go for golfing ...or to visit family...we are going to tour Frank Sinatra's Twin Palms home :)

For now, I am trying to do what I can before that trip. There isn't a lot of time for me to be making outrageous goals. My pants will be the same size ... the 5 hour airplane ride will still be uncomfortable...but it will be BETTER than it would have been otherwise!

Plane rides are always interesting. I have my own seat belt extender. Not afraid to ask for one, it doesn't bother me, but sometimes it's just handy to have my own. My paranoia that they will run out of them before I board the plane (I always seem to be one of the last) overrides any fear of embarrassment of asking. What amazes me is when I don't ask for one and the flight attendant doesn't seem to notice. I would think they would zero in on me ...but perhaps we live in such a PC society that its easier to ignore rather to offend. Oh, what makes flying interesting is that of course I am a big woman (barely getting the arms of the seats down) but my BF is freakishly tall! So, for various reasons we both do not do well on planes. I have a wonderful knack for "going to my happy place" aka taking lots of Xanax so I really don't care. His not having leg room and getting his knees crushed by the seat in front is probably more severe. Oh well, that is part of the adventure.

I love to travel ... I actually went to Irvine CA in November for work. Perhaps this time I will be slightly smaller and have a bit more room to breath. We will see! Either way, I will have my seat belt extender, Xanax, my iPad, and perhaps a bit of crochet to get me through. Oh, and ear plugs for when my BF complains about getting his knees crushed :)

That is all for now!

Oh, having a great diet day! Made a nice pork tenderloin for dinner. This is meal 2 of what I believe was a goal of 3 this week. Of course I will be eating on my chili and this pork for a while. Maybe I will get up in time (or gosh, do it tonight) and pack my lunch with some left overs! Would be nice to have something beyond tuna and crackers or a Lean Cuisine!

Ta Ta!


Polar's Mom said...

My hubs is super tall, too, we always try to get emergency exit or right behind the stewardess area. But invariably some douche puts his seat all the way back and is basically laying in hubs lap. Or they try to put their seat back and keep hitting his knees not realizing why the seat isn't moving. So we started playing the lottery-so maybe one day we can fly private. ;-)

Polar's Mom

Allison S. said...

An emergency row would be great for him. Naturally you can't book those seats unless you are a priority sky miles member with Delta, so we just have to wait and see. A month or so ago there was a story about a 6'6" man that literally stood up the entire flight because there was not enough leg room in the seat. What a nightmare!

My dream is to go back to Hawaii and be able to do that in first class! That would be sexy.