Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Slayed a dragon tonight and lived to tell!

Gracious ... still a frozen tundra here in Atlanta. I am crossing my fingers this ice goes away soon .. getting restless here in the house. Today I did well with my points, and that is an achievement. All this time in the house and I haven't grazed once!!

This evening I'd finished my dinner and was thinking about dessert (when am I not). For some reason I started thinking about the unopened jar of Nutella in my pantry. I have several points left, I can justify having that one treat. Jar in hand I calculate the points, 5 for 2 tbs. Geesh, wondering now if that is enough, if I had 2 servings that would be 10 points, yikes ... and I haven't even started counting the crackers. Can you see where this slippery slope is taking me?? There I was trying to rationalize my irrational craving for Nutella! Thankfully while doing this math in my head my best friend texted me to break me from its spell! No way did I need this Nutella, points or no points, so I put it back in the pantry and even hid it a bit so I would no longer have to do mental gymnastics to get back on track.

Funny how a little text message literally broke that spell. The message was from my best friend who is also working to lose weight...so it was really great timing. Sweets are a problem, and so is cake.

My next plan seemed genius! It crossed my mind that I could use my Weight Watchers individual serving of light cream cheese and mix a bit of Spenda ... tiny touch of vanilla extract ... dash of milk...and voila...a perfect little dollop of something resembling cream cheese frosting! I complimented my wonderful chocolate Vita-Top! Cake with frosting for a very filling 5 points. That seemed like a better investment than the Nutella and a smart choice.

As Hannibal would say, "I love it when a plan comes together". Good day, hope the trend continues.


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