Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Head firmly removed from my arse!

Over the last few days it has finally occurred to me that something is just not feeling right with my body recently. For a while I have been suffering from what I realize is fatigue. I am drained all the time ... when I wake up, when I am at work, when I am sitting in front of the TV crocheting ... all the time! I kept assuming it was just because I was heavier than I have been in years...but it finally hit me that there may be something medically wrong that I should get checked out.

There is no reason with my diet, lifestyle, family history that I shouldn't be concerned. Seven years ago I was diagnosed with insulin resistance and totally on a path to something serious like Diabetes. I have ignored that condition and haven't thought about it in years. My denial has run very deep...very very deep.

Perhaps part of this whole journey is becoming more self-aware and as I titled my post, pulling my head out of my a$$ and taking care of myself! I deserve it...

Anyway, not really trying to be a downer ... I actually feel quite pleased with myself, my realization, and my getting off the pot and making a doctors appointment! Perhaps I just need to lose that most recent 15 pounds that has put me over the edge...perhaps I have a vitamin deficiency ... perhaps a hormone imbalance .... and very realistically perhaps a blood sugar regulatory issue.

This fatigue is a bummer for sure...I am completely useless and unmotivated! It is impacting my life at home and at work. Still haven't had the energy to finish taking down the x-mas tree...yikes!

Aside from just not feeling like me, I have had a pretty good day. Fairly balanced diet, lots of water ... kept within my points range for the day. The planning I did over the weekend has really paid off!


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Kelly! said...

Hey Al,
It takes a lot to admit something like that and I look up to you for making a doctor's appointment because I have a fear of them! But let me know how you are and what the doctor says! Good luck will be thinking of you <3