Monday, December 28, 2009

Emerging from the fog of rationalization and gluttony

::wipes sleep from eyes::  Wow.  What a 3 day spree of rationalizing bad behavior!  It started Thursday night ... ended last night.  I guess that might be 3.5 days of gluttony :) 

I am pretty much over the holidays and ready to get back to the program.  As of this morning I weighed in at 262.2 (up 2 from Thursday morning).  I've tracked my calories ... definitely have had surpluses, but not to the degree of 2 pounds or 7000 calories.  When I am not eating well, I also further the damage by not drinking the correct amount of water.  Dehydration is definitely an issue and one I plan on tackling today.  Planning out what I need to do today :

Drink 3 32oz water bottles
2 shakes for breakfast
2 shakes for lunch
1 fiber bar for snack
Dinner - entree meal and green beans
2 shakes/pudding for dessert.

I hope to control the sodium, have more water and get back to low fat.

One thing is for sure, during my haze of the holidays, I just did not feel well in my belly.  Being plagued with digestive issues this past year ... I was doing fairly well on my program.  After introducing things like sausage and fat into my diet ... suddenly not feeling so well!  The thrill is gone, for that I am sure.  Fat and possibly onions are adding to my discomfort.  Unfortunately onions are harder to avoid as all of the entrees I have include onions.  Its a guessing game!

The other half of course is moving my a$$.  Fairly certain I set a record for slothing around the house this weekend.  Not awesome.  I am, however, not feeling well and have a bit of a fever ... going to the doc later today.  Exercise wise, probably need to take it easy.  My focus today will be on reaching the goals above, watching calories / sodium and re-hydrating!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  My fav present is a lovely camera backpack that will promote me becoming further camera poor and having a viable way to carry all of my things on my back ... which will promote getting out of the house! 

New Years is coming up ... thank goodness blackeyed peas are okay :)  Of course I usually spend the day drinking Mimosa's, watching football and disassembling my tree.  We will see where we are next weekend ... I can live without my mimosa's ... but do I really WANT to? 

I WILL GET RID OF THE EXTRA 2 LBS BY THURSDAY ... just making that clear :)



Christy in Seattle said...

Good for you for coming out of the fog. Don't let it overwhelm you, just start making better choices today and here on out!

Kelly! said...

okay so i just saw your comment on one of my posts and you dont know how much that means to me thank you so much!! you really think i look better already?! the pictures were a little discouraging because i feel they look the same but the scale says a different story so i'm happy! haha yes i am definitley following you we need to stay in touch!