Friday, December 18, 2009

Something is trying to kill me!

For the last 3 or 4 months I have been having strange stomach/abdominal pains after eating.  I've decided the majority of the issues must be related to a food intolerance...but what???  I don't think its a gluten issue, lord knows I would be dead with the amount of pasta and cake I have put away in  my time.  I am now suspicious of ONIONS!!!

I don't eat a lot of onion anyway, I don't care for them raw ... or noticibly on my food.  But something between my HMR shakes and my Lean Cuisine meal made me feel like I had taken a bite out of death and it was sitting in my stomach!  Soo much pain ... nothing really happening.  I am sure you are all glad for me sharing.  I think I am scared to eat anything today.  No shakes yet ... but had oatmeal for breakfast. I have felt fine all day.  For dinner I had another Lean Cuisine ... and hello twinges of pain. 

Hopefully not to the tune of lastnight where I was moaning almost in tears ... but its just a bummer.  I am such a lazy cook and I have no kitchen right now.  These frozen entrees - HMR entrees are what I am relying on to keep me on target. 

Anyway ... that is all I have today. It was miserable last night, so I have taken it easy. I haven't really done much in the way of exercise ... hope to make up for that tomorrow.  I foresee another trip to the mall dodging strollers and shoppers!  Calorie and hydration wise doing well.  Tonight for dessert I will have a nice double vanilla pudding with buterscotch and some cool whip (my fav). 

I am in holiday denial, BTW.  OOOH.  Speaking of holidays, here is a photo of the empty tray of cookies that mocked me all day each time I got up from my desk.  I didn't have ANY.  Yay me.  I am kept telling myself that I was sure that those buckeyes (peanut butter balls of goodness dipped in chocolate) probably sucked.  Hehe.

Oh, and in all of my misery I was still thinking of grandma's cookies.  How crazy is that???  :)


Jim Purdy said...

You haven't been drinking any Slim-Fast shakes recently, have you? They recently recalled millions of cans because of bacterial contamination that was making many people very ill.

Allison S. said...

Wow Jim, I wasn't aware of that ... an interesting weight loss strategy! No, I haven't had any Slim-Fast shakes. One thing I know is that most mainstream shakes have too much lactose for me!