Saturday, December 12, 2009

In need of distractions....

Wow is this a cold, rainy, miserable day outside today!  I've been a total lump all day.  My morning errands were uneventful, and since getting back home I've done nothing but watch a marathon of Law&Order SVU and think about all of the things I am not eating.  Just one of those days when I am feeling peckish and lazy. 

I've only had 2 shakes so far ... so that will be my last push of protein for the evening.  Now, if I can just keep my mind OFF of snacking, I will be good.  No walk today ... not feeling good about that. Rationalizing it away as "I needed a rest" or "its cold and miserable and I don't want to catch a cold" but still not feeling good about it.  Tomorrow, however, is another day.  I hope to get motivated to walk at the mall ... or around the neighborhood. 

I'm thinking butterscotch "pudding" tonight ... 2 packets ... with a topper of cool whip free.  Yum y'all

Sweet Butterscotch Pudding:

2 oz. cold water
1 packet HMR® 70 Plus Vanilla
1 tablespoon sugar-free, fat-free instant butterscotch pudding mix
  1. Empty packet of HMR 70 Plus into a small bowl or mug.
  2. Add water and mix with a spoon until smooth.
  3. Stir in butterscotch pudding powder.
  4. Optional: For a thicker, colder pudding, refrigerate for 10 minutes after mixing.

If that doesn't satisfy what appears to be my insatiable appetite, its going to be an evening with an Ambien and my Kindle!

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