Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Short but Sweet

OK...so like most of you I feel off the wagon. And by fell i mean jumped ... and by wagon i mean 20 story building with no parachute!

I realized that a year ago I was in "the zone" drinking HMR shakes and eating those meals to get ready for a trip. Trip happened in January ... and I never made it back to where I want/need to be!

Good news, I didnt gain ALL of my 30 lbs back...bad news, I gained most of it. I think i was up to 268ish this morning. Much like my blog, I have also avoided the scale. I feel like a big bloated turd most of the time (nice, i know).

I ordered my HMR shakes and some meals, they are ON THE WAY. I still have my activity arm band (GoWearFit) so I will be tracking everything IN and everything OUT.

My HMR delivery is scheduled for 12/9 *tomorrow* and the shakes will begin on Thursday 12/10. I am doing this solo, again, so I will be weighing in every Thursday ... nice day of the week if I don't say so myself!

Is there anyone out there that will join me? DJ ...i see you are out there!

Let me know if you see this, otherwise, we will find each other again!


Pam said...

Anything I can say or do to help, I would be glad to do. Or say.

Jasen said...

Glad to hear you're giving HMR another go. We run an HMR Program in Upstate New York, and I'd be happy to provide you with some support if you'd like! That weekly call or email can make a BIG difference in your chances for long term success. Good luck!