Monday, December 14, 2009


Not sure if its the diet or the irritation at not being in my home ... but I am cranky pants tonight!!!  The only thing going for me to salvage the day is that I have managed to not eat any of the hundreds of cookies sitting within sight.

So ... about me ... I LOVE SWEETS.  I really do not care about potato chips and fries ... I am all about the cookies and cake!  Of course I came home and was hit with the smell of freshly baked almond butter cookies.  Instead of eating 15 of those ... I had 2 shakes and a can of new potatoes for dinner.  Okay, so maybe I do like chips and fries...hehe.  Not an inspired dinner, I know, but I have been living out of a can and freezer for 3 months.

I didn't get a chance to walk today, my foot is kind of bothering me.  Doesn't hurt to walk in shoes, but does hurt to walk barefoot, flex my foot, or put on shoes.  Only on the side of my right foot ... not sure the deal.  Hoping it magically goes away.

Okay, that is enough complaining for the day (of course only 5 mins left in the day!).  I am going to chill, have a calorie free xanax and hope to wake up in a better mood :)

My goal for tomorrow is to rejoin the gym by the office and take a walk, maybe do 4 laps (2 miles).

- Allison

PS.  spell check suggestions for xanax is  Xanadu.  Love it.  I think it works.

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Kayleigh said...

I have to say that I loved the Xanadu comment at the end of your blog...gave me a good chuckle!

And it does fit, lol.