Saturday, December 12, 2009

It all hurts!

Don't have a lot of time this morning as I am already running late, but I wanted to check in!  I had a great time at the office bowling party.  Managed to avoid ALL the sliders, wings, chicken tenders ... etc.  Have I mentioned my LOVE of wings...anyway.... didn't have a morsel.  Gave the drink tickets away, and had 2 large diet Pepsi's.  It was a great time ... and 3 hrs of mingling and bowling actually counted for about 2000 steps AND 20-30 additional "moderate activity" minutes. 

All very good for me ... now I just cant move.  My body hurts!  Sad I know!

Weekends are hardest for me because they are not as regimented as the work week.  My plan is to scarf down something for b-fast that is high protein...maybe a quick double shake and run errands.  Reality is that I will most likely avoid most social events for a while ... but that is okay, I have a Christmas tree to finish decorating and stuff to buy/wrap!

I am posting my stats for yesterday's GoWearFit report.  Its awesome.  2300 calorie deficit for the day.  Love it!!!

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