Monday, December 21, 2009

Holy cow I almost jogged!

Hey Ya'll,

Its been a great day ... finally back into a groove from the weekend.  My only activity over the weekend was accidental and totally shopping related.  Today, I went for my walk around the parking deck.  I decided about 4 steps in to try a little jogging pace.  I call it jogging, I am sure an agile old lady in a walker could of stll passed me, but it was definitely a jog vs my usual walking.  It was cool!  I managed to jog for several minutes.  There were certainly bouts of walking, but the jogging at the beginning of my walk was great.  My GoWearFit indicated 11 mins of vigorous activity and 18 mins of moderate activity.  Probably the most viperous activity I have had at one time in quite a while!!!  Anyway , it was awesome and I definitely plan on doing that again very soon.

 Here is the calorie burning diagram comparing walking / jog-walking.  Kind of hard to see because the calorie scales are different, but while jogging my max calories burned per min were about 14 per min.  While walking my max calorie burn rate was only around 11.  Not a huge thing, but certainly huge for me!

Anyway, I am running out of shakes and need to reorder soon.  I will find myself in a bind during the holidays I am sure.  Speaking of holidays ... I will be hosting a breakfast on Christmas as well as going to a friends house for a traditional dinner.  Not sure what to do there.  Counting my own cooking is one thing (albeit a pain in the ass) but counting someone elses cooking  might be a challenge.  My strategy will be to have a couple of shakes before each of these meals and hope that I naturally do not want to have much to eat.  I have decided this year to take Christmas off of the diet ... but only in such a way as to not go crazy and still try and capture what I am eating. 

That's all for now ... its time for some holiday cheer (non-food related).


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