Thursday, December 10, 2009

You know its bad when your new diet is the BEST PART of the day!

My day, so far, sucks. But I have very much enjoyed being on my new track for the last 6 hours of consciousness. Nothing really wrong … just had a bad morning which led me to have a nice headache most of the day and generally grumpiness! That is OKAY however, because I am feeling very good about starting the diet today. I know that word diet is bad, but I have 35 years of programming.

Why did I start today? Mostly due to the fact that my shipment of HMR shakes arrived yesterday … nothing scientific in that! I felt that starting on Monday was just going to give me another 3 or 4 days eating like its 1999. Which, is what I did last night around 11pm. In fact, my 11th hour nosh gave me a tummy ache that most likely started my whole bad day to begin with. I will just consider it behavioral conditioning : Moose Tracks = miserable tummy ache!
Okay, so what I’ve accomplished so far on the big diet.

1) Weighed and measured a few things (yuck and yuck) but at least I have a baseline. I will have my photo taken in a few mins (again, yuck).
2) Had almost my entire day’s worth of water already, only 16 oz to go!
3) Had my vitamins/fish oil/ etc ( I am very bad at taking pills)
4) Had 3 shakes so far (about 330 calories). I am feeling a bit nipish, so I need to graze some more on something
5) TRACKED what I’ve eaten … so it all counts

That’s about it. My goal was to take a walk, but its damn cold outside. I may walk in circles in our building later or go to the mall. Just want to take a 30 min walk, nothing too exciting.

That’s all for now, meetings and clients await!


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