Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back on track ... again!

Feeling good about being back on track as of yesterday. Not feeling well in general ... but feeling good about that! I had 4 HMR shakes, couple of fiber snack bars, and an entree with veggies on the side. All in all on target for what I wanted to accomplish, a 1500 calorie deficit!

Today I am trying to keep my mind on finishing out my meetings at the office, going home and crawling into bed! Apparently the world doesn’t stop because I don’t feel well... the nerve!

More shakes shakes ... need to order some actually. More water water water ... and more trips to the ladies room!

Hope all of you are keeping your goals in mind for today and the new year. My goal for the next decade is to get considerably healthier. I'll be turning 40 :::shiver::: and would like to do so in much better shape than I am now, and with life skills to support that lifestyle moving forward!

- Allison

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