Thursday, December 17, 2009

Week 1 Results

I lost 6 pounds this week!!!  Definitely more than I expected ... and a welcome boost in the holiday season!  My gluttony probably added a few on right at the end which would explain losing 6 pounds vs 3, but  will take it!!!

On paper (GoWearFit) I had a calorie deficit of about 11000 calories (3 lbs) so definately a good trend moving forward.  Now my goal is 30 by my 36th!!

-water water water
-moderate walk (need to give foot a rest)
-eat around 1200 calories
-commit to spending thousands of dollars on kitchen cabinets!

That is all for now, time to get ready for the day.



Christy in Seattle said...

Good for you! Aww! I miss Atlanta!

I think I'm getting a Bugg for Christmas.

I can not wait!!!

Allison S. said...

Thanks Christy!

Are you from Atlanta? I am actually a native. I hope you get the Bugg for christmas, I love my GWF. LOVE you can tell :)