Sunday, December 13, 2009

Feeling the diet love - Day 4

It's interesting ... yesterday I was like a crazed dieting nut-job wanting to do nothing but eat and laze around the house.  Today I woke up feeling energized and feeling good about overcoming all the temptation of my Saturday.  It's a much better place I assure you!

  1. Bought new walking shoes
  2. Had 2 shakes for lunch (will have 2 more for dessert)
  3. Lots of water
  4. LOTS of walking!!!!  
I tallied everything up and realized that I burned/didn't eat over 6400 calories in the last 4 days!!  That is awesome, if I do say so myself.  3 of 4 days I have made an effort to exceed my 30 mins of physical activity per day ... very very happy with myself. 

I am going to need to remind myself of this as my grandmother is currently in the kitchen making her Christmas cookies.  For those of you who don't know ... my BF and I are displaced from our home because of the flooding in Atlanta.  Hopefully we will be back in our new digs in a couple of months.  Mean while, I will be here, trying to resist those cookies.  The ONE thing I love more than my Grandmother are her damn cookies :)

Off to throw some more ornaments on my Miami Vice inspired tree and think about something other than those cookies that are baking in the oven!

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