Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This morning weigh-in (lost 2.6) and tonight Pizza Hut pasta.  The good news is that I found out the nutritional information, weighed to the gram ... and counted the calories on everything the best I could.  Of course I must have had about 8k grams of sodium...but calorie wise I am doing okay.  Drinking lots of water!!!

Tomorrow, Christmas, is a day off from the diet.  Saturday, day after Christmas ... BACK ON.   Making a southern breakfast for my boyfriend and some family ... then having a proper dinner at a friends house.  My hope goal is to wake up ... have a double shake ... then serve breakfast.  As for the dinner, I will fend for myself! 

With the weigh-in I have uploaded my new GoWearFit report for this past week.  Overall not what I wanted to achieve, but not bad.  My average steps not over my daily target week...fix that.  On the upside I have increased my vigorous exercise and will do more of that next week.

Merry Christmas ... I am off to curl up with my book and enjoy the rest of my evening.  Tomorrow ... craziness!  Hope Santa is kind this year :)



Christy in Seattle said...

I just got a Bodybugg for Christmas! Yay! I love that it makes me compete again myself to meet my calorie burn goals!

Best of luck with your weight loss.

Allison S. said...

Christy ... congrats on your Bodybugg!!! Its an amazing tool to be honest with yourself...good or bad :) I've had a lot of bad in the last 3 days ... but I have logged as much as possible.