Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sometimes the math doesnt work in your favor!

Today was weigh-in week #3.  I ended the holiday weekend  up about 2.5 pounds from my weigh-in last I end my week right where I was last week!

As you know, I am taking a mathematical approach.  It's all about what goes in, who goes out ... and hopefully what comes off!  There are, however, other factors involved.  How much exercise you are getting ... how much water you are drinking ... what ARE you eating, etc.  Though on paper my calorie intake was low enough to warrant a weight loss ... it just didn't happen!  I can honestly say that 1) I didn't exercise on purpose 2) I did eat a lot of crap 3) I did not keep up with my water and keep hydrated 4) I did not take my vitamins like a good girl.

It all boils down to an overall pattern of good behavior .. and I did not meet the challenge in many ways.  On the positive note, my calorie intake over all was still on target.  My daily average deficit was over 900 on paper I should have lost about 2 lbs.

How do I feel about all of this?  I am actually quite motivated!  I know that in order to be successful and reach my goals, I need to do ALL the work required ...and not just "phone it in"!

I am feeling better ... and that means back to the exercise. Back to reaching my weekly average goals for steps and activity!  I will feel better and I will be more motivated to keep going.

All that said ... I am totally doing mimosa day tomorrow (New Year's Day).  BUT with my day of mimosa's ( I estimate about 675 calories for a bottle of cava + 8-10 oz of OJ) I will drink plenty of water ... and MOVE MY A$$!!!

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