Thursday, December 17, 2009

GoWearFit Summary - Week 1

Hi ya'll!  Great first week.  Tomorrow morning is my official weigh-in, but I did upload my data for GoWearFit and have posted it online:

Feel free to check it out!  Its very detailed showing day by day what I did...very interesting if you like graphs and numbers about someone else :)

As far as today goes, I probably didn't have enough to eat, only logged about 900 calories.  I think I will live....but I should strive to have more.  Met my goals for exercise, about 2 miles of walking during lunch, very refreshing!

It just hit me that xmas is about a week away.  I was so ahead of the game a month ago, but now I am falling behind.  Still trying to figure out what to give my elderly grandparents that are in their 90's. If they don't already have it ... they don't need it. If I get them anything snazzy and electronic, they don't know how to use it.  Only so many books I can give them ... sigh.  If I 1) had a kitchen and 2) felt like cooking I would make something to fatten them up.  Maybe I will give them the gift of booze.  Can't ever have enough wine.

That's all for now.  Good night and I'll be back in the morning to post my loss!


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